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Glofish Anemone Ornament Sm

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GloFish decorative ornaments are the perfect way to quickly convert any aquarium into an exquisite GloFish environment. The ornaments are designed to create an underwater paradise for your fluorescent fish and stand out beautifully under blue LED lights. Your friends and family will love watching your GloFish ornaments come alive under GloFish lighting. This GloFish Yellow Anemone Ornament for aquariums creates a unique aquatic experience. The bright yellow ornament provides an excellent hideaway for fish which helps to reduce stress. The lightweight design allows it to sway naturally with the water current. The GloFish Yellow Anemone Ornament features a silvery finish that looks magical under your aquarium’s GloFish LED lights creating a beautiful glowing effect.For the best GloFish viewing experience try using a blue wavelength light like GloFish LED lighting to give a uniquely fluorescent look particularly in low or nighttime lighting. Traditional white aquarium lights (such as fluorescent or halogen lights) work well for daytime use. GloFish fluorescent fish absorb light and then re-emit it so they will appear brighter and more vibrant as the amount of light is increased.

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