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Classic Harmony Songbird Feeder With 6 Ports

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The Harmony Songbird Feeder is designed to bring the balance of nature to your yard. By selecting which seed you serve, you choose the birds that will be compatible and feed in harmony. Our Stay Full Ports ensure that seed is evenly distributed, even when the seed gets low. All six feeding stations can accommodate mixed seed or use the thistle inserts to serve Thistle/Nyjer. Control who visits your feeder with the adjustable perches. Rule of thumb: a shorter perch discourages large, and often less desirable birds. The wide mouth tube is easy to fill and easy to clean. The Harmony Songbird Feeder is sure to keep hungry birds happy for years to come.
Holds up to two pounds of birdseed.
Select the seed to attract your favorite birds.
Constant food at every port.
Six adjustable perches to accommodate different sized birds.
Wide mouth tube for easy filling.

Hanging Your Seed Feeder
Feeders can be either hung from a strong branch/shepherd’s hook or they can be pole or post mounted. In any case, select a location that is near enough to tree/bushes that adequate escape cover (from predators) is accessible for your feeding birds. The feeder should be at least four to five feet from the ground, this will help keep it out of reach from marauding raccoons and other critters. Be careful not to place your feeder too close to large windows, this will help prevent collisions on your windows, and this also allows your birds more escape flight routes when predators show up. Take into consideration where you will be typically viewing your birds from, and this line-of-sight is also important for monitoring the seed/nectar levels in your feeders. If you are planning to photograph your feathered friends while they feed, consider a location where there is at least partial sunlight available.

Cleaning the Feeder
All of our birdfeeders have removable tops, sides or bottoms making cleaning easy. Simply hand wash with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse thoroughly and let dry completely before refilling with seed.

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